What we can offer to you

We would like to make your holiday stay on our farm as enjoyable as possible. There are plenty of recreational offerings on our farm so that you can relax and get away from all your day to day worries. Get an overwiew over all the freetime activities offered on our farm via a virtual tour already now!

There is no need to sweat at temperatures of 30° C in the shade!
Simply take a splash in our outdoor pool and refresh yourself!

Henn's Homestead - Pool

Fun and relaxation for both parents and kids is guaranteed in our big Pool!
With a diameter of 9 meters and a volumetric capacity of more than 80 m³ there is plenty of space for everyone!

Due to the use of solar panels which located directly beneath the pool, we can keep the water temperature constant at a level of 25° C!

Henn's Homestead - Pool

In August 2003, our holiday farm was officially approved as Kneipp Health Farm, being the second Kneipp Health Farm in Baden-Württemberg at that time.
This award is given to farms only where guests can enjoy their hoilday according to the principles of pastor Sebastian Kneipp.

Kneipp facilities

For kneippism, you may make use of our Kneipp facilities, located directly beneath our pool at any time.

Approval as Kneipp Health Farm in August 2003: Hand out of certificate by Mr. Schleinkofer.

Henn's Homestead - Officially Approved Kneipp Health Farm
Henn's Homestead - Saunaanlage

Inside our sauna facilities, you may encounter pleasant heat and comfort at any time of the year! Relaxation and recreation are guaranteed!

In our to provide a maximum of cosiness inside our sauna, we treat our water according to the principles of the Original Grander technology! Our relaxation room may be used at any time!

Henn's Homestead - Sauna facilities with relaxation room
Henn's Homestead - Fitness area

In our holiday home, you may find our fitness area equipped with exercise machines. A perfect option for days with foul weather!

Henn's Homestead - Herb garden

From our own herb garden, you may take out medical plants for sauna sessions or kneippism at any time.

You may use our herbs for seasoning your dishes, too.

Henn's Homestead - Herbs as spices and for medical purposes
Henn's Homestead - Heimische Produkte als Speis und Trank

Enjoy our regional specialities produced on our farm!

The lawn beneath our pool, used as sunbathing area, is equipped with a barbecue grill that you may use at any time!

Henn's Homestead - Barbecue grill